VoIP and video conferencing

How to Use VoIP and Video Conferencing to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

When looking for ways to cut your bottom line, consider a VoIP and video conferencing solution for your company. Not only will it save your business money, but it will improve relations and productivity amongst colleagues. Here we break down how businesses can use VoIP and video conferencing to increase productivity in the workplace:

Build Stronger Relationships and Better Communication

Body language is very important for reaching a common understanding in a conversation, especially when trying to collaborate for work. How many times have emails and texts been taken the wrong way because there was nothing to back it up, like a smile? Face-to-face meetings build trust, which is also lost over the phone. Video conferencing allows you to see body language from other participants who can’t be in the room with you, fostering more understanding with your colleagues. When the boss holds a meeting in real time with worldwide offices, it can make employees feel more secure and eager to participate.

Heightened Productivity Amongst Colleagues

In addition to better communication and relationships amongst employees, your company will reap the benefits of better productivity. Misunderstandings will be greatly reduced because of the face-to-face contact, which will eliminate unnecessary delays to work them out. As opposed to a conference call where the participants can’t be seen, video conferencing makes it more likely that the people participating will stay alert and on task. This means projects will get done quicker and better, because employees are more connected to one another and understand what the end result of the project should be.

VoIP phones can give your team access to your office phone system from any mobile device and from any location. Take your contacts with you, make and receive calls from your office number, and stay connected even when you’re traveling or otherwise out of the office.

Cut Back on Travel Costs and the Phone Bill

Video conferencing is the next best thing to meeting a client in person. It allows you to accommodate their schedule and not revolve around flight times and delays. Not only are you more accessible to the customer, but your costs will be cut tremendously over time when you consider the prices of travel, hotel, transportation, meals and time lost in transit. Video conferencing software as part of your VoIP solution will pay for itself in reduced travel costs alone.

A VoIP solution reduces your monthly phone expenses, too. You know exactly how much your bill is from month to month, since all of your phone features and calls are included in the flat rate billing.

Stand Out From your Competitors

Video conferencing lets you stay in the game and have a competitive edge in your industry. When employees communicate with clients through video, they can share information instantly. Instead of wasting time to bring it to your customers in person, new products and ideas can be shared via video first, and before a competitor does. When you work in the support team or customer service center, talking over video to a customer builds trust with face-to-face relations better than email or phone. This can give you a strong advantage over a competitor that does not use video. If they do use it, you have more of a chance of gaining their business than if you were the one communicated in an antiquated way.

Let Matthijssen show you how a VoIP solution with video conferencing can improve productivity in your office – read more about VoIP in our whitepaper, How VoIP Can Help Your Business.

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