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4 Reasons You Need a Print Management System

Businesses in every industry are on the look out for ways to reduce costs and increase revenue – it’s how successful businesses grow! Extremely small businesses get by with their little all-in-one printer, copier, and scanner. As you grow, you probably start adding more printers and devices to your network to accommodate increased output and more employees. Before you know it, printing costs can become a costly line item in your budget. Print management can help reduce your printing expenses while providing a number of advantages to increase productivity at the same time. Here are 4 reasons you need a print management system:

  1. Reduce paper consumption.

A print management system will help your organization reduce the amount of paper you consume. You can look at which employee or group of employees are printing the most, and even regulate the amount of printing permitted by employee or group. There are many things you really do need to print – we’re not suggesting you avoid printing those things. But let’s face it; some employees will print every email (work related or not!), word document, and web page they view if their printing habits aren’t reeled in. Using less paper is good for the environment… and your bottom line.

  1. Migrate to energy efficient solutions.

The cost of energy is a commonly overlooked expense when it comes to evaluating what your print output costs. With a print management solution, you’ll learn about more energy efficient solutions and devices that can handle your print output needs better with less effort. As older, energy-hogging devices are replaced with more efficient devices, you’ll start to see your energy costs decrease.

  1. Integrate all of your devices.

In many businesses, printers, copiers, and fax machines are just purchased from the store and connected wherever you find a spot in the office. If you’re lucky, every employee has access to every device they need from their workstations, but in some cases – employees may have to email documents to another employee who has access to the device he or she needs to use. It can get really inefficient – really fast. A print management solution will integrate all of your devices so they can be used by anyone in your office. This not only makes it easier to use the devices when needed, but gives you more control of your total printing expense.

  1. Remote monitoring and automatic supply replenishment.

How many times do you try to use your printer or copier – only to find it’s out of ink? And, how many of those times do you also discover there is no more ink in the supply cabinet to replace it with? A print management solution puts a stop to this frustration, too. Through remote monitoring of your devices, toner, ink, and cartridges can be automatically reordered before you even know they’re empty – so you’ll always have the gear you need to operate your devices.


Do you wish you had a print management solution? Give us a call and we’ll talk to you about how to get started or let you know what other benefits you would experience unique to your business.


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