Backup and Disaster Recovery

With the increased prevalence of cyber attacks in today’s world, everyone is more at risk for data loss.  If you lose your data, you would also likely lose your customers, your business’ reputation and possibly your entire business. At Matthijssen Computer Services, we are committed to keep your business completely secure and help you avoid losing any critical information and data.


What is Backup?

A backup involves copying your company files and replicating data and its attributes, which may happen through either a disk, a secondary computer, external hard drives or a cloud hosted backup solution. All of these options serve the same purpose, which is to protect against data loss. Every company should have some form of premised based backup, not just straight to the cloud.  Recovery will take very long if the cloud is your only restoration option. A good backup option happens frequently, and should have at least 2 weeks worth of restoration points. The more points in time you can restore from, the safer your company is generally speaking.


● What Are The Benefits of Backup?

It is important to have a backup solution because it protects your company’s data from a number of threats such as theft, employee accidents, ransomware or any technical issues you may run into. Having a good backup system is the only defense you have against cryptographic threats, which makes your restoration points even more important. If you have backup and any one of these incidents occur, you can easily access a copy of your company’s data. More benefits of backup for your business include business loss avoidance, customer satisfaction, business efficiency, and protection against corruption when software upgrades.


What is Disaster Recovery?

Our disaster recovery services put a game plan to the back up services. They enable your company to restore data and business resources in the event of a disaster.  These types of events include malicious attacks, facilities disasters, and mass corruption and hardware failures. Disaster recovery will always include a complete image of your system, and this mirrored image will allow your company to restore your system quicker than copying files. But, this needs to be partnered with numerous backup strategies that are also performed throughout the day.


● What are the Benefits of Disaster Recovery?

One of the major benefits of having a disaster recovery plan is being able to handle a network crash with ease. Companies without a disaster recovery plan will not be able to have their employees work after a network crash. If you have disaster recovery services, your employees will be able to use the mirrored system that you have, while we work on fixing the original problem. The biggest benefit is business impact because it will help with customer relations, and the cost of unproductive labor force if systems are not available. At Matthijssen, we can re-enable your network and information remotely in case there is any sort of disaster that prevents you from accessing your office.


What is Failover?

Failover is a technique that we use at Matthijssen that provides instantaneous roll over of systems and data to redundant resources. If the server were to crash, a switch is thrown on so that your data and systems will go live elsewhere almost instantly. Failover can be either premised based, cloud based or a combination, whichever is best for your company.  However, failover is not a complete solution for data protection, it is merely continuity protection that is part of a larger backup method.


Backup and Disaster Recovery in New York and New Jersey

Backup and disaster recovery are services you need for your company from an experienced computer services group. In the New York and New Jersey area, there is no one better to help your company than Matthijssen Computer Services Group. Not only do we solve your problems for your company, but we also explain to you how we do it. To learn more about the technology services we can provide for your business, contact us today.