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Why Virtualization?

Virtualization has been exploding over the past few years. Virtualization is the process of creating virtual machines (VMs) on a single server, rather than one instance per server. Why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon? There are quite a few benefits!


Without virtualization, most servers don’t maximize their utilization, frequently using 5-15% of the server’s capabilities. Suppose you have a full-blown architecture with multiple instances. This would require a server for each instance. The cost for that would be quite large. Virtualization would allow you to buy one powerful server and then have multiple instances placed on it. This effectively reduces the amount of hardware you need, the total cost, and increases the utilization of your hardware.


Because of the nature of virtual machines, you can save the entire state of a virtual machine to files. Create a clean slate VM for each of your new employees. Save a particular state so you can always revert in case you encounter an irreversible situation. Not only that, but the files can easily be moved and copied at any time.

Hardware Independence

Virtualization means that you are now independent of your choice of hardware. An Ethernet port break on your server? Copy and paste the virtual machine to another server, and then swap out the servers; simple and hassle-free. This can save you tons of time and money with this process.

There are plenty more reasons why virtualization is the future. Whether it be partitioning, encapsulation, hardware independence, or others, the future is here. If you need help virtualizing your environment, let us know. We’d love to help!


The New Technology of 2016

Every year, we hope for hoverboards and self-driving cars, and every year we’re let down. But this sadness quickly dissipates and is replaced with elation after we see what is on the horizon for the next year. 2016 is no different, and we’re sure each of the gadgets will bring you the kind of joy a child feels on Christmas morning.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been making strides over the past five years with Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus from Sony, and others. New games have been coming out, sparking the imagination of everyone. From relaxing paradise islands to fear-inducing scenarios to roller coaster simulators, these VR headsets have been on the rise and are well worth the cost.


You thought it was a joke? It may be because we just passed the date foretold in Back to the Future that we have a sudden, extreme interest in hoverboards, but the technology for this once figment of imagination is quickly becoming a reality. The Lexus Slide is a hoverboard built using superconductors, liquid nitrogen cooling, and magnetic fields. Who knows when a consumer can get hold of this, but it’s sure to be world-changing when it does come out.

Project Jacquard

We are currently in the generation of the smart phone. More and more computation and functionality is removed from everything and placed into our phones. However, there will come a time (and the signs are showing) where people will want more intuitive ways of interacting with technology. Sometimes, taking out a phone and changing between apps is cumbersome and difficult. Project Jacquard hopes to alleviate some of this through touch and gesture interactivity built within clothing. Swipe of the sleeve wipes away your notifications or tap of the cuff calls your significant other, the possibilities are sure to leave the Internet of Things breathing heavily in excitement.

3D Printers

As 3D printers continue to drop in price and their usefulness become more apparent, 3D printers are on the rise! Between Makerbot and others, you can find new versions of 3D printers at various electronics stores across the nation. If you’re looking for a way create, 3D printers are the way to go for 2016 technology.

windows 10

Common Problems With Windows 10

Windows 10 was supposed to be the upgrade to end all upgrades, as it combined the desktop users loved with Windows 7 and the functionality of Windows 8. Windows provided many users with free upgrades from their current, qualifying Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems. It was supposed to be seamless and easy, but then the problems rolled out as well. Windows 10 still faces a number of issues and we have tricks to help you repair them.

Remember one thing: Put all of your important files in a cloud drive. Put them in two if you want. If you have a problem with the install, you don’t want to lose pictures, documents, and other important information.

  1. Submitted request, still no 10

Windows 10 was not a sweeping rollout. The upgrade rolled out in stages. If you have opted in for the notice, you will receive a notification on your desktop. To check your upgrade, click on the Windows icon at the bottom of your screen. Don’t worry if you don’t have it yet. Your system may not be ready.

  1. Hardware is incompatible

Even though you received a notification that your upgrade is ready, your hardware still may be incompatible. Sometimes you don’t find out unless your computer screen flashes after the upgrade is installed, the screen goes black or blue, or your desktop does not show any icons. If this is the case, call and ask about going back to your previous operating system. You have 30 days to do so. If you go beyond the 30 days, your previous version will be gone. You should be warned that even though your hardware is not compatible, and you go back to your previous operating system, when you get the revised version in the future, your 30-days is up. If you run into trouble again, you will have to go to a repair person. The computer tech will do one of two things: either find a previous restore point or wipe the system clean and reinstall a clean version of your previous operating system of Windows 10.

  1. Can’t watch DVDs any longer

If you use your laptop to watch DVDs, you are going to run into trouble after you upgrade. You will have to head over to the Windows Store for a free download. If you did not upgrade from either Windows 7 Premium, Professional or Ultimate, or from Windows 8 or 8.1, you will have to pay for the download.

  1. Download resulted in a system crash

After your upgrade, your computer may crash. You will see a blue screen with a message warning you that a problem has been detected. If this happens, rebooting may resolve the issue, but do so with a tech on the phone. Another solution may be removing the problematic driver.

  1. Files are opening with wrong programs

Many users are finding that their PDFs, Word docs, photos and other files are opening with the wrong apps. Many times, this results in an error. No worries. All it takes is a quick right click on the file. Once you right click, click on ‘Open With’ and select the app you want to use. You will have the option to permit that program to always open that type of file.

If you’re still having trouble, you might have to take your device to a computer repair technician. Many of the problems are stemming from the actual upgrade process and the files involved in converting one system to another. It is best—in many cases—to have the system wiped clean and a fresh version of Windows 10 installed. The chance of file corruption during conversion disappears.

You can’t avoid the inevitable. Soon, each system with be upgraded to Windows 10. All you can do is protect yourself and choose a restart time that works best for you. Right now, type ‘System Protection’ in the search box and establish a restore point before you upgrade.

mobile gadgets

New Mobile Gadgets Revealed at Mobile World Congress 2015

There is the mobile business, and then there is the wearable business. At least that is the goal for a handful of companies at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Gadgets revealed at the global gathering are sure to infuse your business with the latest technology to promote productivity, raise revenue, and make your company a mobile brand.


We compiled a list of our favorite business savvy mobile gadgets from the Mobile World Congress 2015 event.


Samsung S6 Edge

The Samsung S6 Edge is designed to be both user-friendly and thumb-friendly. Curved television screens are hot right now, as they deliver the best clarity and style. Tabs along the edge make it easier to access apps and scrolling market information makes it easier to watch your stocks while you are at work or on the go. Samsung claims after just 10 minutes of charging users can watch a single movie, surf the net for up to 2 hours, or listen to up to 8 hours of music.


Huawei Watch

It will be interesting to see how business consumers receive the Huawei Watch compared to the Apple Watch, which has received a lukewarm welcome from the industry. The Huawei Watch puts your business right on your wrist, and it has style to boot. Android’s Huawei Watch has a sleek watch face and it connects to your Android phone. The watch allows users to receive emails, texts, updates, calendar reminders, and it can track daily steps. Business professionals that need a quick question resolved have immediate access to the web with the “Ok Google” function.


Bluesmart Luggage

Jet-setting business professionals rely on the items in their carry-on luggage, and Bluesmart allows them track it and keep it secure. The carry-on bag has a digital lock that is operated by the user’s mobile phone, a scale, trip tracker, luggage location tracker, and it even allows mobile professionals to charge their phones while traveling.


ZTE SPro2 Projector

The 16-GB portable projector allows business professionals to watch a movie, present a slideshow, or project a presentation when away from the office. The ZTE SPro2 projector has ample memory capacity for your biggest projects. The projector connects to your cloud via a wireless connection, it has access to mobile apps, and users can transfer files to the device via a Bluetooth connection, USB chord, or MicroSD memory card.


Jolla Tablet

The Jolla Tablet was a superstar at the gadget show. It earned the prestigious title “best tablet” at the conference. The tablet is the ideal companion for the mobile professional. An Intel quad-core 2GB RAM processor and 32-GB or 64-GB internal storage capacity ensure you can do all your work quickly and efficiently. The Jolla Table has a crisp 330-ppi LCD screen that measures just under 8 inches.


Many of the new tech gadgets from the Mobile World Congress 2015 are now on the market or are available for pre-order. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, consider how they may help you.




Simplify Business with 2MyInbox

As a business owner, you know how important it is to document workflow and share vital information about your company. It’s pretty much an absolute must if you want to be efficient and maintain success. However, given the high demands that come with running a business, it can be difficult to actually keep stats regarding workflow and to share important information. Well, fortunately for you, these two imperative aspects of your business just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the 2MyInbox Feature.

What is the 2MyInbox Feature?

Kyocera, one of the most innovative software and electronics manufacturers, saw the need for businesses to streamline document workflow and share vital information. For that reason, they created the 2MyInbox Feature.

This cutting edge application has made it possible to streamline sending emails via an MFP. The application uses data from a user’s login details to pre-populate, or pre-enter data in form fields, the email addresses that documents need to be sent to via the field found within the control panel of the MFP.

In order to enable this application, all a user has to do is input their information or activate their HID card in order to prepare email scans directly to them. This application operates on all Kyocera MFPs that are HyPAS enabled.

How the 2MyInbox Features Benefit Business

In the world of business, simplifying tasks is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the 2MyInbox feature, your business will reap the following benefits:

  • Speeds up the process of emailing documents that have been scanned to a user from a Kyocera MFP.
  • Increased productivity of employees, as the application simplifies the process of emailing from the MFP.
  • Provides users with an exponentially faster experience because it integrates with HID proximity cards.
  • Reduces the risk of sending emails to the wrong recipient, as it utilizes a user’s login information to fill in the ‘send-to’ email address field on an MFP control panel, which also saves time.
  • Greatly increases the efficiency of Document Workflow.
  • Makes it possible to integrate the most cutting edge solutions for your business’ document imaging requirements.
  • Reduced costs, as it allows for the full optimization of document imaging devices.
  • Offers a seamless integration of the MFP with existing network systems, which increases integrity, as well as security.

As a business owner, your number one goal is to increase the success of your business. Given the benefits of the 2MyInbox feature from Kyocera, sending documents from an MFP has never been easier, and that can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business.