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Best Tech Gadgets and Tools for Non-Profits

The real challenge for non-profits today isn’t whether or not to use technology. The real challenge is using the right technology. Determine what the right tech and tools for non-profits are based on the answers to two questions: what are your needs and what is your budget?


Gadgets for Video


For most non-profits, building awareness and raising funds go hand in hand. Being that we now operate in a very visual, fast-moving environment, video is the logical venue for both communications and fundraising. The ability to shoot good quality video, edit it and get it distributed is critical. Thanks to tech advances, the costs and complexity have come way down. In fact, you can be shooting and uploading videos directly from a smartphone by the time you finish reading this article.


Keeping things super simple means using something like Vine. These short videos can have a lot of impact, are fast and easy to shoot and the viewership is growing. Just keep in mind Vine skews young. The next step up would be shooting a video on your smartphone, doing some light editing in the included software that came with your phone or computer and uploading to YouTube. And finally, you could go whole hog and use a dedicated video camera and iMovie or similar editing software that would allow full-control editing.


Email Communications


Beyond visual communications, there is, of course e-mail blasting. Many non profit organizations use either Constant Contact or Mailchimp. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages but Mailchimp is free to use for up to 2000 e-mails in any 24 hour period. One interesting observation here: many people have made it a point to tailor all communications for a mobile platform, but depending on your target audience, a large majority of end users may actually still get their e-mail on a computer (one non-profit reported almost 80% of users routinely opened their mail on a computer, not a mobile device). Keep your demographics in mind when creating your e-mails.


Software for Non Profits


Acquiring software is another area that non-profits have to be very careful with. To alleviate some of the pain, many companies offer discounts to non-profits. But Tech Soup puts them all to shame. This non-profit serving other non-profits can get you many major software packages at prices that will blow your mind. The catch is that you must qualify and the process is very specific. It’s not arduous, just detail oriented. Check them out before your next round of upgrades.


Migrating to the Cloud


And finally there’s the cloud. Or more precisely, doing things like data storage using software and hardware located elsewhere. Matthijssen can help you migrate your data storage and backup systems to the cloud.

save money with an MFP

Save Money with an MFP for Non Profit Organizations

Running a nonprofit organization is truly a labor of love, where the founders have a great passion for a particular cause. Since they do not keep any generated surplus, nonprofits depend on charitable contributions, corporate philanthropy and grants in order to keep their mission alive. In this way, nonprofits, even more than businesses, need to be as economical as possible and find the best way to cut costs.

Technology has been an amazing tool in reducing spending. One excellent example is using multifunction products (MFPs). A multifunction product is an imaging device that combines operations such as printing, faxing, copying and scanning into one machine – but they offer so much more than that. Using an MFP for nonprofit is an ideal way to keep costs down and continue their passionate work. Here we explore the benefits of MFPs further.

Save Money With an MFP by Reducing Equipment Expenses

With an MFP for nonprofit, the organization can use it to replace stand alone devices. There will no longer be a need to purchase a few individual printers, copiers or fax machines. Now, you’ll have one device that can do it all and the organization will save money buying supplies for one machine instead of many. The cost of ink and toner is one of the highest expenses in an office, which can usually be cut in half when using an MFP.

Increase Efficiency

When running a nonprofit organization, its members need to focus on procuring donations, setting up fundraisers and putting out information online. Just like a business, time is money, and the more time wasted, the less the organization will bring in for its cause. Reports have shown that nearly 20% of the time of an employee or organization member is spent managing, filing and fetching paper documents, which equals a huge amount of time wasted and money that can be raised. With an advanced MFP, efficiency is increased because they are based on a paperless filing system and an easy to use interface. It is simple to digitally file documents and quickly retrieve them, making the office energy flow better.

Cut Energy Costs

When you use an MFP for nonprofit, you will be dramatically cutting energy costs within the organization. Each stand alone device needs tons of electricity to keep it running and cooled down. With an MFP, you will only be supplying energy for that one device, which is much cheaper. You will also be helping the environment by consuming less energy and reducing amount of waste that is produced.

Save Space

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, there is something to be said about working in a space that is clutter free. When members of the nonprofit organization have more room to move around, it increases efficiency and the overall positive mood in the office. It also gives individuals more space on their desk that may have been occupied by scanners or printers, allowing for more work to get done and more money to be raised.


If you have any questions regarding multifunction products or other ways you can streamline office equipment, contact us today!