Flat-Rate IT


Not only do our flat-rate IT services offer everything that a traditional hourly IT team does, we do it with transparent pricing, predictable costs and scalable features. The beauty of our flat-rate IT services is that you pay for only what your company needs and the cost never goes up. It also allows our personnel to balance, budget and plan predictable pricing. There are so many additional benefits to flat-rate IT services than hourly IT services.


Benefits of Flat-Rate IT Services

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to flat-rate IT services for businesses, no matter how small or big the business may be. Our flat-rate IT support system can provide any business with a dedicated help desk that will actively monitor, service and maintain the system, even when your business is closed. We also offer security, software and compliance updates without any additional costs. In addition, if there is a case of disaster and data recovery, we do not charge more.  At Matthijssen Business Systems, we have a guaranteed level of excellence that will cut costs spent on downtime and IT failures.


● Easy Budgeting

Flat-rate IT services make it easier to budget your business’ money because you will pay the same fee every month. You’ll never have to worry about any jump in prices for any reason. Flat-rate IT services provided by Matthijssen Business Systems are predictable and reliable.

● Constant Monitoring

You and your business can rest easy. With our flat-rate IT services, our experienced IT professional will monitor your network 24/7 for you. We are always there for you if something goes wrong, and we constantly run updates and make sure the latest technology is a part of your network.

● No More Break-and-Fix

The break-and-fix mentality is when businesses hire IT companies on an as-needed basis, only when something is clearly wrong. At Matthijssen, our permanent flat-rate IT service will catch issues before your network fails, which will limit your overall downtime and increase productivity.


Flat-Rate IT in New Jersey and New York

If your current IT services are costing you too much money and aren’t reliable, you need to invest in a flat-rate IT service. In the New Jersey and New York area, there is no one better at IT services than at Matthijssen Computer Services Group. We also offer a number of services for all of your business’ needs. To learn more about us, visit our website or contact us today.