Network Security


In the modern era of technology, there is always a possibility of a cyber attack on your business and its network. This can affect your company in more ways than one, potentially resulting in theft of your company’s money, ruining your company’s reputation or the worst case scenario, losing your company altogether. At Matthijssen Computer Services Group, we can protect you from hackers and spammers that are looking to harm your business.


What Is Network Security?

Any activity that is designed to protect the usage, integrity and safety of your network or data is known as network security.

  • Our network security services include both hardware and software technologies.
  • Effective network security services because we focus and manage on the accessibility to the network.
  • We target all threats and possible disasters to the network and prevent them from entering.
  • Secures your computer network infrastructure, which will implement the security policy, network software, and hardware needed to make sure the network is protected.


Many people believe that hackers only go after high profile companies, but their primary targets are actually small and medium size businesses.


Benefits of Network Security for Your Business

With the ever-changing world of technology, if an organization wants to be as successful as possible, you will need to protect your customers’ and employees’ personal information with network security. This service will also help you:

  • Protect private information and your reputation as a company.
  • The multiple layers of defense that we implement on the edge of your network will keep your company safe.
  • Configure the layers of security optimally to actually protect the network.
  • Each layer has specific policies and controls to restrict access to users who should not gain access.
  • If you are an authorized user of the network, you will gain access to all of the resources.
  • If someone is deemed a malicious actor or user, they will be blocked from conducting any kind of threat.


We offer inexpensive tools that we apply to the network to enhance the overall security of the network. One of these tools includes end-user training, which keeps end-users updated on threats yet only takes five minutes per month and is one of the best protections available. Hackers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to trick security and end-users and we help you follow best practices to stay ahead of the threats to your company.


Network Security in New Jersey and New York

If you are looking to secure the network for your company in New Jersey or New York, look no further than Matthijssen Computer Services Group in East Hanover, New Jersey and New York, NY. We have helped countless tri-state businesses stay protected from hackers and spammers over the past 50 years. We aim to balance the need for security without hindering the end-users ability to do their job. At Matthijssen, we provide the highest quality and a large variety of both computer and network services for any company that needs it. If you are looking specifically for network security, you came to the right place. To hear more about our network security service and other problems we solve, do not hesitate to contact us today!