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New Mobile Gadgets Revealed at Mobile World Congress 2015

There is the mobile business, and then there is the wearable business. At least that is the goal for a handful of companies at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Gadgets revealed at the global gathering are sure to infuse your business with the latest technology to promote productivity, raise revenue, and make your company a mobile brand.


We compiled a list of our favorite business savvy mobile gadgets from the Mobile World Congress 2015 event.


Samsung S6 Edge

The Samsung S6 Edge is designed to be both user-friendly and thumb-friendly. Curved television screens are hot right now, as they deliver the best clarity and style. Tabs along the edge make it easier to access apps and scrolling market information makes it easier to watch your stocks while you are at work or on the go. Samsung claims after just 10 minutes of charging users can watch a single movie, surf the net for up to 2 hours, or listen to up to 8 hours of music.


Huawei Watch

It will be interesting to see how business consumers receive the Huawei Watch compared to the Apple Watch, which has received a lukewarm welcome from the industry. The Huawei Watch puts your business right on your wrist, and it has style to boot. Android’s Huawei Watch has a sleek watch face and it connects to your Android phone. The watch allows users to receive emails, texts, updates, calendar reminders, and it can track daily steps. Business professionals that need a quick question resolved have immediate access to the web with the “Ok Google” function.


Bluesmart Luggage

Jet-setting business professionals rely on the items in their carry-on luggage, and Bluesmart allows them track it and keep it secure. The carry-on bag has a digital lock that is operated by the user’s mobile phone, a scale, trip tracker, luggage location tracker, and it even allows mobile professionals to charge their phones while traveling.


ZTE SPro2 Projector

The 16-GB portable projector allows business professionals to watch a movie, present a slideshow, or project a presentation when away from the office. The ZTE SPro2 projector has ample memory capacity for your biggest projects. The projector connects to your cloud via a wireless connection, it has access to mobile apps, and users can transfer files to the device via a Bluetooth connection, USB chord, or MicroSD memory card.


Jolla Tablet

The Jolla Tablet was a superstar at the gadget show. It earned the prestigious title “best tablet” at the conference. The tablet is the ideal companion for the mobile professional. An Intel quad-core 2GB RAM processor and 32-GB or 64-GB internal storage capacity ensure you can do all your work quickly and efficiently. The Jolla Table has a crisp 330-ppi LCD screen that measures just under 8 inches.


Many of the new tech gadgets from the Mobile World Congress 2015 are now on the market or are available for pre-order. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, consider how they may help you.



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