Organized business at the push of a button

If your business depends on paper or electronic forms, claims, checks, invoices or order forms, workflow and document management can improve your office efficiency, compliance and best of all, your bottom line.

Our user-friendly workflow and document management solutions capture your paper or electronic documents, process them into the format of best fit for your needs, and route them wherever they need to go.

In addition to the traditional offerings of these services, we provide hosted workflow and document management. The primary advantage of our hosted solution is its cost-effectiveness. With hosted services, you can enjoy an enterprise-level business solution on a small business budget. Hosted workflow and document management also gives you the flexibility to initially outsource these services, and later move them in-house if you choose to do so.

With our workflow and document management services, you can:

  • Save money – minimize courier and storage costs with instant document routing
  • Work from virtually any source – capture documents from your PC, scanner, MFP or copier
  • Save time – search-able, digital documents are easy to read and faster than thumbing through a file cabinet

Workflow and document management solutions from Matthijssen, Inc. give you the power to store, find, edit, route and destroy documents as needed, with an efficient, cost-effective and compliant approach.

Manage the full lifecycle of your important business documents with a workflow solution from Matthijssen, Inc.

Get organized today.

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