The New Technology of 2016

Every year, we hope for hoverboards and self-driving cars, and every year we’re let down. But this sadness quickly dissipates and is replaced with elation after we see what is on the horizon for the next year. 2016 is no different, and we’re sure each of the gadgets will bring you the kind of joy a child feels on Christmas morning.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been making strides over the past five years with Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus from Sony, and others. New games have been coming out, sparking the imagination of everyone. From relaxing paradise islands to fear-inducing scenarios to roller coaster simulators, these VR headsets have been on the rise and are well worth the cost.


You thought it was a joke? It may be because we just passed the date foretold in Back to the Future that we have a sudden, extreme interest in hoverboards, but the technology for this once figment of imagination is quickly becoming a reality. The Lexus Slide is a hoverboard built using superconductors, liquid nitrogen cooling, and magnetic fields. Who knows when a consumer can get hold of this, but it’s sure to be world-changing when it does come out.

Project Jacquard

We are currently in the generation of the smart phone. More and more computation and functionality is removed from everything and placed into our phones. However, there will come a time (and the signs are showing) where people will want more intuitive ways of interacting with technology. Sometimes, taking out a phone and changing between apps is cumbersome and difficult. Project Jacquard hopes to alleviate some of this through touch and gesture interactivity built within clothing. Swipe of the sleeve wipes away your notifications or tap of the cuff calls your significant other, the possibilities are sure to leave the Internet of Things breathing heavily in excitement.

3D Printers

As 3D printers continue to drop in price and their usefulness become more apparent, 3D printers are on the rise! Between Makerbot and others, you can find new versions of 3D printers at various electronics stores across the nation. If you’re looking for a way create, 3D printers are the way to go for 2016 technology.

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