Improve your business with IT solutions from Matthijssen

Technology should help, not hinder the success of your business. If your technology isn’t living up to its end of the bargain, contact the professionals at Matthijssen.

Momentary downtime or even a poorly-managed spam filter can cost your business valuable resources. Outsourcing your IT operations to the professionals at Matthijssen insures your business against unexpected losses, at a price you can afford.

We offer everything you need to get ahead of the competition, including our cost-effective managed services, per-call or on-demand services, workflow and document management solutions, security and consulting, as well as MFP and printer solutions.

“The professionals at Matthijssen are knowledgeable and experienced in the IT industry. We can always trust them to provide the most efficient solutions and highest quality products to resolve our technology problems. With Matthijssen by our side, we have the confidence to continue growing our business.”

Unlike other companies that just want to sell you an expensive product you don’t want or need, we provide total solutions that can propel your business to greater success. Expert consulting and analysis of your business allows us to tailor-make your unique IT solution, so you know you’re getting the very best in service and support. While our entire team of techs has a broad skill set in networks, our depth of resources and experience allows them to also pursue specialities like thin client, security, business continuity and more.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from our full range of services:

  • Rely on a single point of contact: We are your one-stop-shop for all things IT.
  • Save money on products: We  provide the software you need to streamline business processes.
  • Maximize efficiency even on the road: We offer reliable remote support.

Think of Matthijssen as more than an IT advisor, but also as a trusted partner. We value a long-term relationship with your company and pride ourselves on providing the best in IT services to keep your business moving forward. We’ll work closely with you and your team to ensure that you have the resources you need to be successful.

  • We take the time to understand the unique goals and IT needs of your business.
  • We walk you through our managed IT service options to help you select a plan that covers your needs.
  • We train your staff on new technologies, and continue to provide off-site management to keep your business running.

Contact us today and improve your bottom line with our personalized service plan.