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Community and Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy & Community Service is Part of Who We Are at Matthijssen

At Matthijssen, we understand the importance of making an impact on your local community. We like to gather the team together and put our everyday business practices to work, whether it be volunteering at a local food bank or making an effort in sustainability. Check out some of our community and corporate philanthropy endeavors below!

  • Matthijssen Volunteers At Community Food Bank
  • Volunteers Packing Boxes In Warehouse
  • Volunteers Packing Boxes
  • Volunteer Smiling Holding A Box
  • Matthijssen Volunteer Workers Posing
  • Matthijssen Volunteer Workers In Warehouse
  • Community Food Bank Of New Jersey Sign
  • Community Food Bank Soup Cans
  • Matthijssen Volunteer Workers
  • Matthijssen T Shirt
  • Community Food Bank Of New Jersey Van

Have any suggestions on how we can get involved?

We’re always looking for new ways to help our community. Contact us today!