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Kyocera Document Solutions - Transforming your Office Workflow

Kyocera Document Solutions Are A Step Above The Rest

When a new client came to us with a costly, inefficient, and unreliable printer, we knew just how to help. After sitting down with the client, running through their daily work process, and customizing the perfect printing solution, we were able to perfectly fit them to their new Kyocera system.

Our partnership with Kyocera has helped to innovate the way we deliver printing services.

Kyocera’s Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) is no ordinary copy and fax office machine. The pristine technology behind Kyocera systems will completely transform the entire office workflow.

Each MFP comes equipped with various document solution applications to upgrade your overall business value.

  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Accounting Controls
  • Automated Workflow
  • Document Management
  • And More!
Kyocera Premier Dealer

Kyocera Premier Dealer

At Matthijssen, we have in-house technicians trained explicitly in Kyocera products. Our professionals are skilled in the art of integrating Kyocera’s adaptable applications into your office’s everyday practice.

Not only will our technicians install and optimize your new MFP system, but our support will remain on call for years to come. Our backend maintenance capabilities allow us to recognize when a part needs replacing before your system even shows visible signs of wear. We hold everything from replacement parts to toner refills, so each of our clients will receive the immediate support they deserve.

With Mathhijssen’s Kyocera services, your office will never skip a beat.

Tiered Color Program

Tiered Color Program

Kyocera’s 3-Tier Program is the perfect solution to reducing operating costs. Typical MFP competitors designate fixed color rates regardless of how much each color is used in the printing process. With tiered color pricing, our clients only pay for the exact amount of color they use.

For example: If you print a Word document, the entire page should only require the use of black color. However, let’s say your document header includes an image of your logo, which contains a small amount of red. In most scenarios, you would be charged a flat rate fee for the extra color, whether you have a simple spot of red or the entire page is written in color. Kyocera sees things differently. We will only charge you based on how much color is required. If you only need a small splash of color printed on your document, there is no reason you should pay full-price.

Sustainable Measures

Sustainable Measures

With environmental impact sitting at the forefront of many business practices, Matthijssen strives to honor our commitment to creating an environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practice.

  • 100% of Kyocera’s packaging and literature components are created from recycled materials
  • Vegetable-based ink
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) sustainable paper
  • Cut down physical paper clutter

Our partnership with Kyocera also allows us to offer a bulk toner take-back service. A specially designed toner collection box is included in the product, giving you a place to store your empty toners. When the box reaches capacity, it is collected and disposed of efficiently, causing no harm to the surrounding environment.

Our partnership with Kyocera has helped to innovate the way we deliver printing services.