Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting Services that are Flexible, Scalable & Reliable

Matthijssen cloud hosting yields clear benefits across your business, upgrading server capability, increasing reliability – all for significant savings. A recent upgrade migrated a seven-year-old under-powered server into Matthijssen cloud hosting services, delivering superior resources at a savings of over 40%. Matthijssen cloud hosting services delivers improved server resources, better up-time and reliability, all for a lot less money.

Matthijssen is a long-time Microsoft Solution provider, dedicated to keeping up with the latest in training, testing, and Microsoft certification to ensure client value. With an extremely high staff retention rate, our technicians bring years of quality service, experience and Microsoft training to serve every client. As a SMB IT solutions provider for many years, Matthijssen prioritizes significant, perpetual investment in security, monitoring, and service management systems – and combines that with our years of experience in delivering these benefits to our clients.

What are the benefits of Cloud Hosting Services?

  • Cloud Hosting is a more cost-efficient alternative to the traditional dedicated server model. Users only pay for the resources they use by the month. This setup differs from the flat rates of traditional hosting.
  • Leverage the latest hardware without lifting a finger. Our services ensures that client servers run on the best hardware, and are kept fully up-to-date.
  • Robust integration with a variety of Microsoft and third-party services. Hosted resources integrate tightly with Microsoft products, as well as with many other third-party software and services.
  • Flexible and cost-efficient scalability, using and paying only for the resources you need. Traditional hosting services offer limited bandwidth. Cloud hosting scales to accommodate traffic spikes or seasonal demands.
  • On-demand provisioning means servers and workstations can be instantly provisioned in the cloud. Migrating to the cloud is quick, easy, and makes endpoints more accessible. Adapt to remote work quicker and more effectively.
  • Global resources placement and geographic redundancy, with centralized management: resources can be placed globally and protected by geographic redundancy, with a single point of management.
  • Set up significant data protection benefits such as high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Our hosting service is an industry leader in high-availability hosting, making downtime due to hardware failure a thing of the past.      

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