Management Features

VoIP Management System Features

It’s more than a phone line, it’s an essential business element.

Matthijssen has backed numerous businesses as they transitioned into the more dynamic field of VoIP Management systems. Unified communication within both the internal team and your client-facing services will take your office to the next level.

Web-Based Management: The easy-to-use backend system helps manage reports, retrieve call recordings, access voicemail boxes, and much more. Our experienced technicians will work alongside you as we integrate this system into your everyday workflow, so your entire office will feel empowered and equipped to handle the upgraded processes.

Scalable To Growth: As your company gains a newfound level of efficiency, your client-base and internal team are projected to grow. This change comes at no setback with Matthijssen’s support. Our VoIP systems allow you to easily add or remove extensions as your company fluctuates. With Matthijssen, your system can have virtually unlimited extensions, eliminating the need to ever switch carriers again.

Real-Time Monitoring: Monitoring live calls, available whisper feature, and queued assignments are all readily available with our systems. We’ll take the time to onboard your team, so you can, in turn, utilize its features provide your own level of quality support. *additional fees apply

Blacklist: Unwanted solicited calls cause detrimental halts to your business productivity. With our VoIP systems, you can block any unnecessary incoming calls toward your office and regain productivity.

Password Protection: Unauthorized international calling charges are avoided by implementing a code within your account. This code will then be used prior to making any international calls, to ensure your business is only spending money when needed.

Call Detail Reporting: Both incoming and outgoing calls are instantaneously given a detailed report. Search by specific extension, phone number, date, or time to pull up the exact information you’re looking for.

Extension Summary Reports: Overview reports are available for each specific extension to help monitor your internal systems and keep employee productivity on track.

Call Recordings: With our VoIP systems, you have the availability to set On Demand or Always ON call recordings. The cloud-based services of VoIP allow you to access these recording from anywhere with a reliable connection. Recordings are stored for 14 businesses days, or you can easily download and save them to an external database for safekeeping.

Conference Bridges: Another useful feature bundled in our VoIP package allows multiple users to talk to one another in a conference-style setting. Collaboration is enhanced so your business can always keep improving.

DISA: Employees located remotely can call into your company’s system, and then dial out, so it appears as if they are calling from the office number. This is a common feature that comes in handy when employees are on business trips, work remotely, or frequently travel between locations. You can set a destination within an IVR that points directly to DISA or set up a phone number. Password protection is always available with this feature to ensure only confidential personnel are permitted to use it.

Confidence in your internal communication directly impacts your clients’ success. With Matthijssen’s VoIP features, your office will be a step above the rest.