10 Tips to Keep Cybercriminals Out While Coronavirus Keeps You In

Here are a few tips to keep cyber-criminals our of your business network

Major events like the Coronavirus pandemic create new opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit, but smart defense doesn’t let them. These tips can help keep systems and data safer in uncertain times.

1) Get the facts : - Stay away from the rumor mill and use information from reliable sources to make business decisions in chaotic times. This is where experienced I.T consultants from Matthijssen can help with valid data.          

2) Think twice before clicking links :- Make sure staff are on the lookout for suspicious links that can lead to ransomware. Along with our Managed services we offer phishing email services to educate our customers on possible threats.

3) Be suspicious of unexpected attachments:- Ensure users only open attachments from proven, trusted sources no matter how “official” that attachment looks.

4) Automate compliance : - Have one less thing to worry about by choosing a reliable IT company that keeps track of everything.

5) Protect those passwords :- Encourage safe password practices like using a password manager and not writing them on sticky notes. Check with us for successful best practices.

6) Beware of strange networks :- Make staff aware of the dangers of logging in from insecure public and home WiFi networks and how to use them safely. With our Matthijssen’s secure VPN setup you and your employees can have peace of mind of logging in your devices.

7) Use two-factor authentication :- An extra layer of security keeps passwords and data safe. Our experts can help you setup multifactor authentication.

8) Keep an eye on the bad guys :- We help our managed service customers by monitoring the Dark Web to watch for company data so a problem can be addressed before it becomes a crisis.

9) Stay current on threats :- Work with a responsive I.T company like Matthijssen that’s on top of today’s challenges.

10)  Ask for help :- Consult with our network security experts to plan effective strategies and get innovative solutions.