4 Benefits to Automating Your Practice with Document Management Systems


4 Benefits to Automating Your Practice with Document Management Systems

Papers filed in the wrong order? Too many shared files with the same name? Do multiple employees need access to the same documents? Physical clutter, tedious tasks, and the lack of a good document management system might be holding your practice back.


The right Document Management System will help streamline your system and automate your organization’s practice, freeing up time for you and your employees to focus on what matters most. Whether it be strategically or creatively, your employees could be using their time in more valuable ways. With a document management solution, all documents are correctly validated, processed, and moved along to the right person.


Not yet convinced? Here are 4 Benefits to Automating Your Practice with Document Management Systems:


Decrease dependency

Automation-DecreaseRelying on physical documents is restrictive. Employees are tied to their filing cabinets, which minimizes collaboration, the ability to work remotely, and takes up valuable space in your workplace. Going paperless may not be an option, but digitizing your data allows you and your employees to regain control over your workday by making your information more accessible. 


Internal Efficiency

Automation-Clock-04Manual data entry and using physical filing systems are tedious and prone to error. With a digital solution, you can shift away from manual data entry and tediously filing and retrieving physical papers. Easy and timely access to your documents and data leads to quick and clear decision making. Find any document within seconds, rather than getting lost in shared folders or physical files.


Increased Security & Disaster Recovery Planning

Automation-PadloclkDigitizing your physical files protects your valuable data from physical and natural disasters, and provides higher security by monitoring who can gain access, and when. Manage access, and implement higher security measures like Multifactor Authentication to prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.


Superior Customer Service

Automation-Thumb3Matthijssen’s document management solutions equip you to take those internal efficiency measures and apply them to your external facing services. With a searchable database of all client information, you can now instantly obtain or share necessary documents to assist the customer. No need to place clients on hold or request a processing period. Customers will trust that your business is a reliable, dedicated, well-oiled machine.


Ready to transform your business and regain control over your workday? Reach out to our team of experts to help you digitize your workflow, and reap the most out of your valuable data.