How to Stay Aware and Stop Tech Support Scams

Watch Out For These Tech Support Scam Methods

Without a reliable support team, like Matthijssen Business Systems, your business runs the risk of falling victim to tech support scams. A tech support scammer aims to trick customers into believing they have a non-existent problem with their computer, enticing people to pay for unneeded tech support services. Staying aware of scam signs and putting trust in reputable companies like Matthijssen, are the first steps in staying safe.

Staying Aware of Tech Support Scams:

Keep these tips in mind if you're ever feeling wary about a tech-related interaction.

Unknown Phone Calls - Never offer up information to an unknown tech support technician. Your company hired a reliable support staff for a reason. Do not jeopardize their work by giving an external party access to your network.

Malicious Sites – Steer clear of any unverified websites. Accidentally visiting a malicious site could jeopardize your network safety. As a business, implement pop-up blockers and website restrictions to keep your data safe.

Outdated OS – Stay up-to-date on the latest systems to ensure all safety precautions are working to their optimal level. Since tech support scammers are quite savvy, having an outdated OS can put your data at risk.

Hire a Reliable Provider – The best decision you can make as a company is hiring a trusted IT service provider. Matthijssen not only understands the warning signs of digital scams. We also have the knowledge capacity to safeguard your business network, so your team can rest at ease knowing your network is in the right hands.

IT problems cause costly downtime, that most businesses can't afford to lose. With Matthijssen's expert Managed IT Service Solution, we can proactively manage the health of your systems to prevent any malfunctions and combat any malicious attacks. Since our process is completely transparent, your team will always be clued in on what we are doing and how your system is performing.

Backed by our values of dedication and support, Matthijssen works with our clients' needs in mind. Our support professionals are always at the ready, ensuring nothing interferes with your typical workday. To learn more about how Matthijssen can help your business stay safe, contact us today! Our friendly HelpDesk staff is always ready to provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.