MFP Security with AccessLock App Keeps You Secure and in Control

When you decide to incorporate new mobile, cloud, and IT solutions into your company’s stratagem, the system has to be efficient, affordable, and versatile. You have to be careful not to lose control… while trying to get your IT under control! One of the ways to increase efficiency and security while reducing costs is to utilize the various functions MFPs provide. MFP security is assured with the AccessLock app, which permits you to do both.


What is an MFP?

An MFP is a multi-function peripheral. That is great, but what does that mean for your company? It means your company can purchase a singular device that performs a multitude of actions and services. MFPs can scan, copy, print and fax. An MFP does not need only a desktop to perform its various tasks. MFPs can scan to the remote devices, upload to cloud-hosted services, print from cloud-hosted services, scan to USB, print from USB, print online material, and much more. MFPs combine the efficiency of multiple devices with the ease, access and smarts of a smartphone. These elite systems provide businesses with added convenience, increase productivity, unmatched security, and they assist with cost control. One of the most important apps for an MFP device is AccessLock. With so many users having access to the MFP device, the company needs to have immediate control of who can access and what he/she can control.


What is AccessLock?

AccessLock is an MFP app that does exactly what the name suggests. The AccessLock app provides essential personnel with the ability to maintain and control a user or group’s access to certain MFP functions.


MFP Security and Benefits of AccessLock App?

Different departments within the company have different document needs and workflow demands. What one department needs is not what another department requires. So why provide every user with the same level of access? When employees and all departments have unrestricted access to the many MFP functions, security breaks down, costs soar, and redundancy plagues productivity. AccessLock allows owners, managers, and other essential personnel to limit and control access to certain MFP functions. If one department frequently faxes while another does not do any faxing at all, AccessLock permits managers to provide access only to the departments that require the services.


AccessLock is ideal for all small, medium and large-scale operations, including healthcare, legal, government, education, and finance fields. Its password-protected features and scalability ensure maximum security and cost-efficiency. Administration can adjust or terminate access at any time.


The AccessLock app permits essential personnel to establish access and permissions for copy, fax, print, and scan functionality. The AccessLock app is compatible with HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs, and it uses Cryptek CAC/PIV, Kyocera’s Card Authentication Solution, and Active directory to provide a more controlled and effective identification and monitoring system.


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