Preparing for Next Year’s IT Budget

The beginning of the year is quickly approaching, and with that, budgets are due for 2016. So what will you be spending on your IT infrastructure? Below are a few pointers on things to think about when contemplating your upcoming 2016 IT budget.

2016 IT Budget


Before you can think about your future budget, it’s important to take stock of what you currently are invested in, including hardware and enterprise-wide software. As far as hardware is concerned, this should include desktops, laptops, organization-issued mobile devices, servers, routers, and other networking equipment. With software, this can include Outlook, ERP software, accounting applications, finance applications, and HR applications.

Current Needs and Future Growth

What are business critical components of your IT infrastructure? These pieces of hardware and software are what enable your business to operate. As such, this is where your gaze should first focus. What kind of infrastructure do you need to ensure your business doesn’t crumble from a server crash? Determine your goal infrastructure for the security of your business and identify the most pressing problems currently.

Once you’ve identified your current pain points, it’s important that a company also focus on future growth and expansion. What can you improve with technology to increase the capabilities and opportunities of your business? Maybe an extra server will allow you to start that side project you’ve been putting off? Gmail started as a side project as well. The balance between the current stability of the company and future expansion is an ongoing war.

Replacement Schedule

Now that you’ve determined your needs and wants for 2016, having a replacement schedule will keep you prepared for the future. A replacement schedule helps you understand when your technology needs to be renewed. This will include the year when you bought your hardware and the year when it should be replaced; desktops in five years, laptops in three, etc. Stay ahead of the game so you aren’t caught unaware.

Your IT budget is due soon, and there are many factors to consider. Between understanding what you currently have, balancing current needs and future growth, and preparing for future expenses, creating your budget is a daunting task. Give us a call if you need help!