Print Management Can Cut Your NonProfit Overhead Costs

Reduce Nonprofit Overhead Costs, Increase Efficiency

Every business wants to keep its overhead costs in check. However, reigning in operational expense is particularly important for nonprofits, who live and die by their ability to keep funds in the hands of those they serve.

One way nonprofit overhead costs can be reduced is through print management. Printing can be a heavier budget burden than anticipated – yet, it’s an area ripe with opportunity for savings. Consider all the documents, forms, fliers, posters, and professional collateral needed for both internal and local nonprofit activities. The costs of paper, toner, and maintaining the printer itself – which may be a multi-functional printer—to carry out each of these tasks on an ongoing basis can add up quickly. This is especially true when there aren’t policies or management efforts in place surrounding who and how often the printer can be used.

Print management can help alleviate these cost challenges and drive efficiency as a result. The concept of print management can encompass a couple of different components. Often, it involves working with a third-party company who supplies your MFP and offers ongoing user support. This means that should your printer malfunction, your team have questions about its use, or you want to know ways to get the best use out of it, you have a team of experts you can turn to for support. This support can also include things like repairs under the machine’s warranty. Many MFP providers will extend consultation for document management as well.

The presence of a third-party creates efficiencies in the business because it means less time your employees have to spend attempting to troubleshoot, learning more, or remaining mired in inefficient document processes – and more time focused on the things that really matter.

Additionally, through print management you can select an MFP with tiered pricing. Rather than receive a flat charge for a color print each time color is used, with tiered pricing, your business receives a color charge that’s based on the amount of color used for that print job. So, if you only use 20% color on a document, what you pay is commensurate to that percentage. This reduces overall cost, because no longer are you charged a flat color charge for even the smallest presence of color in a document.

Tiered pricing can also help nonprofits think more critically about the quantity of printing they carry out, and how much color is truly necessary for each print job. This type of strategic resource allocation can save paper, toner, and overall costs over time!

Nonprofits have big challenges to solve and pressing initiatives to support – dealing with sky-high printing costs and machine troubleshooting shouldn’t be one of them. By choosing a print management solution with a company like Matthijssen Business Systems, nonprofits can reduce overhead costs, create greater efficiency, and print with ease!