Signs Your Business Needs to Unify Communications

Unified Communication Can Solve These Problems

Nearly everyone knows poor communication leads to problems in a business. This goes for communication within the business as well as from the business to clients and partners. To ensure that you aren’t wasting time, money, or losing the competitive edge, your team should unify all communication. If the systems are not unified, your business is missing out on convenient access to cross-channel communications.

If you’re still wavering with the idea of revamping your messaging strategy, check out these tell-tale signs that you need a more unified means of communication.

Your Communications are Disorganized

If you are experiencing disorganized communication on multiple platforms, your team needs to converge onto a single system. A unified communication system will last and provide the abilities you need to keep seamless and frequent communication with everyone involved in the business. Make sure the following entities are properly installed into your network infrastructure:

  • Firewall
  • Adequate routers and switches
  • IP phones
  • A large-capacity server or hardware platform
  • Applications and services that include instant messages, email, voicemail, cloud-based mobile apps, etc.

You Feel Like your Business is Stuck in the Past

If you feel like your business is stuck in the past, a cloud-based platform called 8x8 unified communication is easy to use, manage, and organize. Medium and large-sized businesses can have scalable communication that will last into the future. Simple administration and management interfaces have 8x8 communication conforming to security and compliance standards. A business that communicates with employees in different places needs to take the steps to unify communications on a single platform. This allows you to say goodbye to multiple vendors, contracts, and support personnel.

You Feel Unproductive

While businesses are choosing to unify communications, they are seeing that they have more abilities than taking and making calls. This helps business collaborate with each other and their clients anywhere, at any time. Choose the best kind of communication method that allows for conferencing, voice and video chat, and uniform protocol. Not only will this save time, using VoIP will cut back on costs that would come from a traditional phone company. If faulty communication makes you feel unproductive, unifying communication will help set goals and meet them.

Communication is key for running a business, and unifying your approach will enable better and clearer discourse while saving both time and money. Contact us today to learn more about unifying communication to get organized, become more productive, and move toward the future.