Top Priorities in Your Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Every Disaster Recovery Plan Should Include These Features

In today’s business world, copious amounts of vital employee, client, and company data are all stored in a digital setting. With that being said, disaster recovery plans are more important now than ever. No matter how you plan to back up your systems, there are a few key features every plan should have. As your team builds their backup and recovery solution, keep these key tips in mind.

Reduce Risk

One of the most important things your disaster recovery plan should do is reduce overall risk for your company. Before settling on a plan, your company should perform a complete risk assessment. It’s best to understand where vulnerabilities exist so you can pay extra attention to those blips in your network.

Consistent Maintenance

Every disaster recovery plan needs to be regularly updated and maintained. As you are working there is a constant influx of data coming to your systems. Your IT provider needs to be on the ball, consistently scanning your infrastructure for any malfunctions or potential threats. Without consistent maintenance, hackers have a higher chance of interfering with your network. That’s why having a managed IT service, like Mathijssen Businesses Systems, is so important. We’ll continuously scan your network for problems, as well as provide consistent updates to make sure your systems are running up to par.

Utilize the Cloud

The cloud provides a virtual means of data storage, making a backup easily accessible in any situation. When you utilize cloud technology, a complete replica of your network and all your vital data components. In the event of a disaster, your managed IT provider should be able to access your entire network through the cloud to get your business back up and running. Get back to business productivity with little to no downtime.

Multiple Backup Solutions

Just because the cloud is a wise backup tool, that doesn’t mean you should put all your eggs in one basket. Oftentimes, an onsite server is still a reliable solution – but not the only solution. Create a customized hybrid solution to ensure your business is backed up on multiple sources. The last thing you want to discover in the event of a disaster is that a single backup solution was insufficient. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

To create your customized disaster recovery plan, contact the experts at Matthijssen Business Systems. We believe that data is a company’s most valuable asset – and our team treats it as such. With our dedicated service, your team can rest assured that you will be protected and prepared for any unforeseen network disaster.