What is Your Cyber Protection Team Actually Doing?

Here Is What Your Cyber Protection Team Should Be Doing.

For someone who isn't intimately involved with cyber-security, the world of IT may be difficult to understand. There are a few things that your cyber protection team should be doing to ensure your data security. If your employees aren't engaged with these techniques and routine functions, then it may be time to find someone who will keep up with your network protection.

Asset Inventory

While it isn't easy, your cyber protection team must do their best to protect every virtual corner of the network. Prioritize the most valuable assets of your data and take necessary precautions. Taking virtual asset inventory involves an in-depth understanding of your network risk and necessary protection measures to secure vulnerable and vital data.

Information Risk Assessment

In the world of cyber-security, decisions need to be made quickly – especially when there is a breach. It is crucial to weigh both risks and rewards. When it comes to security, you should never be guessing. Instead, the security team should systematically make decisions and outline a fast-response action plan.

Analyze Threats & Intelligence

Successfully avoiding threats and knowing what to do if they occur all comes down to how well you understand the field of cyber-security. With this knowledge, your cyber protection team can mitigate these attacks. As hackers modify their methods, your team should evolve to respond to them.

Luckily, Matthijssen Business Systems is constantly updating our wealth of knowledge. Our team is committed to staying up to date on the current cyber-security trends so that we can ensure our clients receive only the best protection.

Third-Party Risks

Outsourcing is often thought of as risky. Contrary to what many believe, third-party services are actually extremely beneficial to companies. Third-party services connect to your network, and therefore elevate the potential for risks. However, the right third-party IT provider will offer transparent updates and secure communication. If your current cyber protection team is not offering such transparency, it's likely time for a switch.

Manage Data

Any business that utilizes the internet has likely garnered a large number of data points. That being said, it is key that your cyber protection team integrates safety measures into your network infrastructure while managing company data. This allows the security team to analyze all potential threats from every possible angle.

The points outlined above aren't the only tasks your cyber protection team should be working on. If your current team isn’t performing routine management, analytic, and assessment functions, then we suggest you make the switch to a reliable cyber protection team. Matthijssen Business Systems specializes in network and data security. Our security measures safeguard your data, so you are protected before a threat even arises. Reach out to our team today to learn more!