Who Should Be Choosing Your IT Provider Within Your Office?

Make Sure Your Team Hires the Right IT Provider

When looking for an office IT provider, it's best to consult a professional, like Matthijssen Business Systems. As a business, your office needs a reliable entity to call upon if things go awry. Above all things, your IT provider needs to emphasize security.

While your entire team may understand the significance of these values, few have time to actually seek out an IT provider that fits. Amongst the hustle and bustle of your business, juggling the added burden of IT only builds upon stress.

With this article, your team will understand the important values behind choosing an outsourced IT provider.


Cyber-crime is on the rise, and the organizations handling personal information need to stand behind these increasing concerns. Discuss with the programmers and security staff of your business. These employees should be able to provide insight into the amount of data within your corporation. If you're in the medical field, your IT provider should be well versed in the data security and HIPAA compliance required for your industry.

Training & Support

The employee searching for your IT provider will also likely be the one interacting with them if problems arise. Similarly, this person is the one who will need to be trained on the programs and interact with support staff. Because the office manager often juggles many hats, your IT provider should be easy to understand and ready to help. Matthijssen Business Systems prides ourselves in our superb client support. Our team will stand by your side as we train you on proper maintenance techniques and network integration.

Flexibility & Customization

If your team requires IT flexibility as the business grows, you will need an IT provider willing to cooperate with your coders and programmers. While staff members don’t always know how the company's digital assets will change, the IT provider should be well versed in scaling a business's network. Matthijssen will ensure your network and its security measures properly scale along with your business expansion.

Your office manager is often the point of contact, considering they have a hand in nearly every aspect of the business. Matthijssen Business Systems has dealt with a range of managers just like you, and understand that IT puts a burden on your daily to-dos. As you're searching for your next IT provider, make sure to keep these guidelines in mind. Matthijssen checks off every mark and will get you the IT network help your team deserves. Reach out to us to learn more!