5 Benefits of Our Kyocera MFP

Why You Should Use a Kyocera MFP in your Office

At work, the last thing you need is a printer malfunction right in the middle of a major project. Paper jams, empty toners, and unidentifiable crashes are less than ideal in a fast-paced industry. Luckily, with our Kyocera MFP (multi-functional printer) you have all the functions to get the job done. This is no ordinary printing machine; Matthijssen’s Kyocera MFP will revamp your entire workflow in the office.

Each of these printers is equipped with various solutions and applications to upgrade the way your business functions. These include higher productivity, lower costs, easy-to-use technology, environmentally sustainability, and award-winning reliability.

Increases Productivity

The Kyocera MFP, when combined with Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions (HyPAS), can provide the flexibility to manage tasks securely and efficiently. Some of the customizable applications that will help increase business productivity are AccessLock, Secure Print Release, and more.

Lower Costs

Kyocera printers incorporate durable imaging systems based on the company’s patented drums. Since they can handle hundreds of thousands of prints, they lower costs because they do not need to be replaced. Instead, simple maintenance will preserve the integrity of the printer, stretching your dollar.

Easy to Use

The adaptive applications of Kyocera MFPs provide solutions that reduce operating costs while being very easy to use. Competitors designate fixed color rates despite how much color is used in the process. Instead, we use multi-tiered color pricing, meaning you only pay for what you use. Furthermore, the 5-phase MDS process optimizes your set up and output. We create a structure for your company and you begin printing. It’s that easy.

Environmentally Sustainable

The environmental impact of companies is becoming a focus at the forefront of business practices. The Kyocera MFP uses vegetable-based ink and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sustainable paper. Their packaging and literature are made from all recycled materials. Furthermore, specially-designed toner boxes are included with the toner, providing a place to store empty toner that is collected and disposed of properly, causing no environmental harm.


Finally, we are always here to make sure your Kyocera MFP is working right, serviced habitually, and maintained with care. We instruct managers on how to keep the printer running for as long as possible, saving you time and money.

Contact Matthijssen today to learn more about our Kyocera MPF and how its setup will transform your office.