Creating a VoIP Disaster Recovery Plan

Incorporating VoIP into the Disaster Plan

Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is being used by many businesses to unify communication and pay less on their bills. While the method has been used for great operational benefits, it has to be factored into your disaster recovery plan to make sure you don’t lose out when something unfortunate happens. Calculating this into a VoIP disaster recovery plan, you can reassure yourself that you will prevent damages to your VoIP system and your business at large.


VoIP technology allows a business to use voice and video communication through IT applications. These systems are additional servers and network interface devices that occupy a standard 19-inch rack and don’t require floor space.

Although VoIP saves time, money, and hassle, proper safety protections measures still need to be set in place. VoIP harnesses Internet power to function, meaning in the event of a glitch, and disaster recovery plan needs to be available.

VoIP Disaster Recovery Plan

The first way to integrate a VoIP disaster recovery plan into your office is encouraging employees to disconnect their VoIP phones when they leave. A major benefit of VoIP is that when a phone system is unplugged, it can easily be re-plugged in at a new site without losing any valuable data. Reinstalling phone at an alternate site at the end of each day or work week will ensure your physical phone systems are secure.

If your office has its own SIP installed, then a wise backup decision would be creating a mirrored replica of your VoIP system. Matthijssen offers automatic failover protection. If calls cannot be completed due to a disaster to your physical systems, the system will roll over to an alternative solution. Your business will never skip a beat.

Another great tactic to consider in VoIP disaster recovery is implementing a third-party monitoring entity, such as Matthijssen. As we continually monitor your VoIP network, we will be alerted about the current health of your system. If a risk surfaces, we will work on our end to mitigate the problem before it has time to affect your communication system.

The moral of the story is that you need to think about a VoIP disaster recovery plan. Your communication platform is essential to all business interactions. Make sure it’s just as secure as your other IT components. Do so by making an extensive, in-depth VoIP disaster recovery plan. It will help you avoid the worst.

Contact us today to see how we can help you protect your VoIP network. Planning ahead is simple. We can help.