Benefits of VoIP for Non Profit Organizations

Non profit organizations depend on the kindness of those who believe in their cause to keep their organizations going. In order for people to take your non profit seriously, you must keep up with the latest in technology, without breaking the bank. Moving to a cloud-based solution will keep your organization current with security, storage and communications. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an excellent choice of communications for non profit organizations because of the many advantages it has over traditional phone lines. Below we discuss in detail a few of the benefits of VoIP for non profit organizations:

Cutting-edge Features

When you opt for a VoIP system, you will be getting much more than a new way to talk over the phone. Since it is online, VoIP unifies communications and offers non profit organizations many features such as auto attendants, message unification and time of day routing. Smaller organizations can appear larger by sending direct inward dialing numbers to tenants. All the advanced features of VoIP allow non profits to increase their networking, which leads to more much needed donations. With VoIP you will never be stuck with obsolete equipment because upgrades are automatically added to the system without the need for additional IT staff.

Cost Efficiency

One of the most attractive features of VoIP is the savings its users are afforded. Since it is Internet-based, there are no or very low costs on long distance calls. When the system is managed remotely by a provider, there are little to no maintenance costs. Software upgrades are reduced with updates pushed automatically to phones from the remote provider. In addition to less maintenance costs, there is hardly any capital expenditure.

Large non profits with site based systems can use only one system to cover many areas without each individual location requiring its own system because they are connected to the host over their IP network. Non profits can also save money on hardware costs, with no premise-based PBX equipment to buy for the office. If there is ever a need to purchase VoIP network equipment or phones, the costs are much less than a traditional phone system.

Environmental Factors

Generally non profit organizations have spearheaded the “green revolution” and are passionate about helping our environment. VoIP is an excellent choice for these organizations because of its usage of green technology. With features such as IP faxing, there is a tremendous reduction in the amount of paper usage, which helps the organization reduce their carbon footprint. With VoIP there is no longer a need for pricy copper telephone wires and plastic phone equipment that is only going to end up in a landfill. VoIP allows workers to work remotely from anywhere across the globe, reducing the need for gas consumption and pollution.

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