Is This Your Password?



Is This Your Password?

3 Common Password fails & 3 Quick Password Wins

Bad passwords are bad for business. We’ve surveyed over 2 billion passwords and crunched the numbers to find the worst of the worst so you can see how your company’s passwords stack up. Don’t make these common password mistakes, but do take our advice for easy password safety wins and new password tips!

Fail #1: Showing your team pride. The worst passwords?

  • Rolltide
  • yankees
  • steelers
  • eagles
  • redsox

Win #1: Constantly training and educating users about good security habits such as:

  • Discouraging reused, recycled, or simple passwords.
  • Encourage use of secure password storage vaults.
  • Solve access problems to discourage sharing passwords for convenience. 
  • Increase phishing testing & training from Matthijssen to prevent password compromise.

Fail #2: Rock doesn’t make sweet password music. Worst choices:

  • blink182
  • rush2112
  • beatles
  • blondie
  • 8675309



Win #2: Add multi factor authentication for every user. 

  • Use and IT service company to increase password security with IT Managed Services.
  • Weak user-made passwords are strengthened with a second identifier.
  • Requiring a second credential takes the sting out of compromised passwords.
  • Multi Factor Authentication is a necessary compliance tool with HIPPA, PCI-DSS, CJIS, FFIECC and more.
  • Identifiers and tokens can be delivered via app for remote workers.
  • Two factor authentication using biometrics verifying a user's identity without the use of a second device. This can include fingerprint, facial features, hand shape, iris structure, voice, or typing behavior. 

Fail #3: Your heroes aren’t password heroes. Worst choices:

  • tigger
  • snoopy
  • mickey
  • superman
  • batman

Win #3: Watch the dark web

  • Sensitive personal or company data may be circulating even if you haven’t had a breach.
  • Third-party partner breaches put your systems and data at risk.
  • Keep an eye out for lists of your company’s potentially compromised passwords.
  • Spot compromised passwords that staffers may be reusing on your systems.
  • Find out about password and credential threats right away to mitigate them faster. 


Don't compromise your personal or business data with poor password hygiene. Matthijssen is committed to helping you avoid any data compromise by keeping your business safe and secure. Contact us today to learn about the services we provide to help improve your digital security!