Do I Need Call Reporting and Recording?

Benefits of Call Reporting and Recording

We are all familiar with the phrase “this call may be recorded for quality assurances,” but most people simply ignore it. While call reporting and recording have both been around for years, many customer service businesses don’t utilize them. These are great methods to ensure your customers are satisfied and that your employees are productive and efficient. In our increasingly surveilled world, more companies are adopting these tactics to increase customer service and training possibilities.

Deal with Disputes

On a phone call, it can be difficult to know exactly what was said by both parties. If a problem is reported, you may not know exactly how it transpired. But with call recording you can know exactly what was said and any details about the situation. With these details, managers can find out what is working and what is not while solving disputes between clients and employees. Call reporting and recording are a great way to make sure problems don’t continue.

Comply with Regulations

Depending on the industry, businesses have regulations they have to follow. Sensitive bank and medical information may need to be reported to government agencies. Call recording and reporting allow the management team to find the information they need and correct breaches of these often strict regulations, avoiding fines and other penalties.

Enhance Productivity

Not only can you filter call reports based on length, score, and the number of calls per each employee, you can highlight personal calls and target employees are making too many personal calls on their shifts. It is also an ostensible and measurable fact that employees automatically change their behavior when they know they are being listened to. They will result in less personal calls, less sharing of confidential information, and be more focus on overall productivity.

Make your Business Grow

Your business may be expanding, leading to multiple locations and more personnel. You also may outsource. Since it’s difficult to manage multiple locations and many employees, call reporting and recording can provide easy ways to check in on problems, gauge customer satisfaction, and monitor daily trends.

While call monitoring is helpful, some businesses benefit more than others. The likelihood is that, if you are expanding your business, and if your company makes many calls, you should think about call recording and reporting. Contact Matthijssen to learn more about implementing these features. We’ll provide you with a seamless, easy transition toward productivity.