Protect Your Office From a Data Breach With an MSP

MSPs Can Help You Avoid a Data Breach

Nearly every company in the world gets at least one phishing e-mail every year. Protecting from a data breach is not only preferable, it is essential for any business looking to keep their company data secure. With so many threats, there is no reason companies should fail to implement basic cybersecurity controls. Protecting your office from a data breach is as simple as utilizing the benefits of a managed service provider (MSP).


MSPs must understand the risks of the business they are in. Protecting clients from breaches is their main duty. Using these services will protect office data and provide the peace of mind that helps you continue your work. There are a variety of ways that MSPs make sure your company data is secure. Below are some of those ways.

Protecting your Data

One of the most important things MSPs do is employ a risk management approach. This provides a structured assessment and audits to find out risks and mitigation strategies. Every risk is analyzed and allows you to implement scanning for where sensitive data is held. This also includes putting firewalls in place. Managing the information provided by MSPs is mandatory to avoid an attack on your system. By understanding threats and where they are coming from, MSPs can help you protect your data with the right technologies.

Employee Training

A surprising amount of breaches don’t come from hacker threats, but from the inside. This is not to say that these employees are always malicious, security threats can come from error or negligence. Implementing security awareness training is essential to mitigate risks. MSPs can help you make sure that your employees are aware of the dangers of phishing and other threats. Those in control of the IT infrastructure should be in the know about the implications of access privilege controls.

Pay Attention to Smaller Devices

Another thing that MSPs will bring to your attention is the threat on smaller devices. Any phones or tablets on your network cloud data storage should be remotely locked and wiped of data to ensure security. This makes it more difficult for nefarious entities to get in the network and compromise your data. Avoiding a data breach is about covering all of your bases. With the right MSP, the holes in your system will be illuminated, then covered up, with the help of established professionals.

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