Transforming Your Office Workflow With Managed Print Services

Transforming Your Office Workflow

With Managed Print Services

Some of the most overworked pieces of equipment are an office’s printers and copiers. A costly, inefficient, and unreliable printer can be the unexpected downfall of your employees’ workday. When a crash, jam, or malfunction occurs, it puts a dent in a business’s entire workflow, and takes up valuable time restoring basic daily functions.




A typical printer provider will simply install your system and leave you to figure out the rest. As a Kyocera premier dealer, we only offer the best print services and solutions to completely transform the entire office workflow. 


Managed Print Services & Its Benefits

Managed Print Services (MPS) provide comprehensive management of all Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs), with the goal of reducing costs and workplace frustration and saving time.

Managed Print Services offer lots of benefits to your organization that you may not think about. You may not know having an MPS can save your business both time and money, as well as provide lots of additional benefits, like security features, constant support, and more. 


Lower Your Cost Per Print

Kyocera’s 3-Tier Program is the perfect solution to reducing operating costs. Typical Multi-Functional Printer competitors designate fixed color rates regardless of how much each color is used in the printing process. With tiered color pricing, our clients only pay for the exact amount of color they use.




Integrated Security Features

When it comes to choosing your printer and print services, security features aren’t always at the forefront of your list. Thankfully, we understand the importance of integrating proper security measures at every level of your business. Our Kyocera devices are equipped with K-level security, exceeding industry standards with the prestigious Keypoint Intelligence Security Validation Testing certificate. This means Kyocera devices not only comply with industry standards, they guarantee strict access, data integrity, and secure setup. 


More Sustainable Choices

With environmental impact sitting at the forefront of many business practices, Matthijssen strives to honor our commitment to creating an environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practice. 

100% of Kyocera’s packaging and literature components are created from recycled materials. In addition, we work with vegetable-based ink,Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) sustainable paper We also provide a bulk toner take-back service as well as solutions to cut down physical paper clutter.


Customizable Features

Personalize your experience with customizable features to make your equipment streamline your business practice. With applications built for teachers’ test-grading efficiency, continuous scanning for high-volume environments, and more, customizing your machinery will increase your productivity.


Employee Training & Trustworthy IT Team

Our technicians trained explicitly in Kyocera products. Our professionals are skilled in the art of integrating Kyocera’s adaptable applications into your office’s everyday practice.

If anything goes awry with your printers, we won’t just explain what needs to be fixed; we’ll show you how we do it. Matthijssen works alongside your businesses, creating a cohesive and comprehensible solution. By providing dedicated employee training to ensure proper machinery use, we will ultimately improve inter-office communications, integrate departments into the network, and lower your internal IT help tickets.

Either way, not only will our technicians install and optimize your new MFP system, and train your in-house employees on proper use, but our support will remain on call for years to come. Our backend maintenance capabilities allow us to recognize when a part needs replacing before your system even shows visible signs of wear. We hold everything from replacement parts to toner refills, so each of our clients will receive the immediate support they deserve.


Free Consultation

Ready to look into Multi-Functional Printers and Managed Print Services to gain back your business’s time and money? Receive a full assessment of your office printing needs – completely free of charge. Before any equipment purchase occurs, we will sit down with you to discuss everything from typical print volume to preferred paper. We’re able to suggest the perfect printing option to align with your company requests.


Connect with our experts today to schedule a free consultation to see which of our print services and solutions will best serve you and your team.