4 Types of Hackers to Look Out For This Halloween

4 Types of Hackers to Look Out For This Halloween

We’ve come to rely on computers and technology, for both our work and personal environments. This means all kinds of sensitive data is being stored digitally, increasing our chances of data theft. Characters who are most likely to steal or compromise your online data are called hackers, and they pop up in all shapes and sizes. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, take some time to familiarize yourself with some suspicious characters that may pop up this Halloween. 



Who is a Hacker? 

A hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data, and is usually a person skilled in information technology. Hackers can either achieve a goal within your system (like commit data theft) or just keep a lookout for ways to exploit your sensitive information. There are many different kinds of hackers out there. Getting to know how each behave (and what motivates them) informs how to defend your organization and your data. 


Let’s take a look at the 4 different kinds of hackers to keep an eye out for: 


1. Script Kiddies

Script kiddies are considered amateur hackers, and often lack the skill to write their own scripts or codes, but their threat should not be taken lightly. Script Kiddies are often hacking for attention from their peers, or for fun. This means their impact needs to draw attention or a thrill, often. Attacks they may perform include a Denial of service (DoS) attack, which could overwhelm a server or website, a phishing attack which manipulates individuals, or website defacement.


2. Hacktivists

These types of hackers are often affiliated with a political agenda, and hack into government websites or other businesses that can promote social change. These hackers often steal confidential information to expose or disrupt opposing operations making their goal personal political or social gain. 


3. Cybercriminals

The more advanced group of hackers, Cybecriminals come in all shapes and sizes and are often motivated by personal monetary gain. These kinds of hackers break into networks to steal, destroy or freeze information or operations, and they have a variety of targets. These hackers can start as a phishing scheme for individuals to offer sensitive data that can be exploited, or they can utilize different kinds of malware to achieve their goals. Their stolen information can lead to identity theft, sales on the dark web, or asking for ransom in exchange for the data they collect. 

Cybercriminals are hard to predict, so it’s important to know what to look for, and to have a security strategy in place to prevent these digital disasters. 


4. Insiders

Insiders are exactly what they sound like. The scariest kind of hackers already lurk inside your organization, and already have access to sensitive information. Oftentimes their motives include revenge, or payback. 


Suspicious characters are everywhere, and malicious hackers are always changing their strategies. This makes them an ever-present threat to any organization, including yours. Don’t wait for an attack to ensure you have a team of cybersecurity experts on your side. Contact our team today to see how you can protect your data (and your reputation) before a cyber attack occurs.