Service Management Trends and Predictions

How IT Service Management Trends Will Change

In the new year, the future continues to plummet forward without regard. With advances in technology come new IT service management trends. While IT is dynamic and progressive, there are certain predictions that will likely become reality in 2019. The following are IT service management trends and predictions, which may change the way the business functions.

IT Multilingualism

IT professionals are beginning to add both comprehension and application of major concepts to their skills. New terms and definitions form four major management frameworks that currently redefine the scope of IT service management trends. Using versatile terminology will facilitate the industry and help it become more efficient.

Generative Culture & Leadership

New leadership tactics to create generative cultures in IT and alignment within the industry will help transform what we do. Organizational projects that rely on both cultural and leadership changes to be successful will blossom in the years to come. This is a critical factor to address strategic objectives related to organizing and protecting digital transformation.

Agile Learning

Becoming an Agile IT operation is also another task ahead of the industry. Organizations in 2019 will become more focused on Agile learning for development and operational teams. This software development is completed in small sections called iterations that refer to a single development cycle. With Agile project management, IT will become increasingly thorough and detailed.

DevOps Changes

A holistic understanding of IT improvement needs to focus more on people, processes, and technologies. Yet the IT industry tends to move straight to automation without paying attention to other factors of success. Out of the service management trends we will see in 2019, IT practices will focus on holistic measures to transform DevOps and meet client needs better.

These are just some of the ways IT will change in the coming years. As service management trends evolve, IT professionals will get more skilled at handling threats, protecting client data, and satisfying their overall needs. For more information on the latest IT-related news, reach out to the experts at Matthijssen Business Systems. We’re committed to staying ahead of the digital game.