Simplify Business with 2MyInbox

As a business owner, you know how important it is to document workflow and share vital information about your company. It’s pretty much an absolute must if you want to be efficient and maintain success. However, given the high demands that come with running a business, it can be difficult to actually keep stats regarding workflow and to share important information. Well, fortunately for you, these two imperative aspects of your business just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the 2MyInbox Feature.

What is the 2MyInbox Feature?

Kyocera, one of the most innovative software and electronics manufacturers, saw the need for businesses to streamline document workflow and share vital information. For that reason, they created the 2MyInbox Feature.

This cutting edge application has made it possible to streamline sending emails via an MFP. The application uses data from a user’s login details to pre-populate, or pre-enter data in form fields, the email addresses that documents need to be sent to via the field found within the control panel of the MFP.

In order to enable this application, all a user has to do is input their information or activate their HID card in order to prepare email scans directly to them. This application operates on all Kyocera MFPs that are HyPAS enabled.

How the 2MyInbox Features Benefit Business

In the world of business, simplifying tasks is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the 2MyInbox feature, your business will reap the following benefits:

  • Speeds up the process of emailing documents that have been scanned to a user from a Kyocera MFP.
  • Increased productivity of employees, as the application simplifies the process of emailing from the MFP.
  • Provides users with an exponentially faster experience because it integrates with HID proximity cards.
  • Reduces the risk of sending emails to the wrong recipient, as it utilizes a user’s login information to fill in the ‘send-to’ email address field on an MFP control panel, which also saves time.
  • Greatly increases the efficiency of Document Workflow.
  • Makes it possible to integrate the most cutting edge solutions for your business’ document imaging requirements.
  • Reduced costs, as it allows for the full optimization of document imaging devices.
  • Offers a seamless integration of the MFP with existing network systems, which increases integrity, as well as security.

As a business owner, your number one goal is to increase the success of your business. Given the benefits of the 2MyInbox feature from Kyocera, sending documents from an MFP has never been easier, and that can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business.