The Samsung Galaxy 6: Is it Worth the Price?

Entering the market with a hefty price tag, Samsung's latest contender in the smartphone wars has been the object of some speculation, especially when compared to its competitor, the iPhone 6. There are currently many, many blogs where combatants are fighting over the merits of the Android versus iOS 8, but this post won't rehash any of those points. Let's assume that you have decided that Android is the operating system for you, does that mean that the Galaxy 6 the right phone for you? Is it worth the price? Let's have a look at the features Samsung presents with the Galaxy 6.


Let's start with the bad stuff first: the battery life of the Galaxy 6 doesn't stack up to that of last year's predecessor and can't be replaced, either, as it can't be removed. This is a massive strike against Samsung as the prerogative to tinker is more or less built into the promise of Android phones. On top of this, storage is no longer expandable; you'll have to plug in an SD card to enlarge the HD. Last but not least, it kind of looks like the iPhone 6, embarrassingly so, making it look like it's maker was looking to join the cool kids' club in some schoolyard gambit.


But, then again, that's it: of all the possible things that can be wrong or bad about a phone, these are Samsung's sins, all of them. The Galaxy 6 is a good phone, so good, in fact that these flaws can be forgiven. First of all, the new Exynos processor, made in-house by the Korean giant, is a true beast and effortlessly crunches the numbers that make the phone tick. It's a fast machine that can run any app you can imagine quickly. The processor is housed not in conventional plastic but in a stylish and sleek metal cover that keeps the phone looking slim.


The phone's OLED screen is also amazing, currently the sharpest resolution on the market, the colors are rendered crisp and bright making for an eye-catching display. The 16-megapixel camera is also amazing and takes better pictures than any competitor, and is better even than some actual photo cameras, an achievement in and of itself.


The Galaxy 6 also comes pre-loaded with some great apps from Samsung, such as Samsung Pay, which will make it even easier for customers to live a life on the go, really making it a great all-around companion for anyone who likes to be prepared for anything. It is also a secure phone, thanks to its state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner that is almost impossible to crack.


So, is the Samsung Galaxy 6 worth it? To sum up in one word, yes. It may be a bit pricey, but you are getting some serious bang for your buck. If it fits into your budget and you like Android, purchase the Samsung 6.