The Benefits of Managed IT Services for Non-Profit Organizations

When you run a non-profit organization your focus is on your missions to help those in need, which is where it should be, as opposed to worrying about frustrating technology issues. Though any size organization can take advantage of managed IT services, non-profits can truly experience and enjoy the key benefits involved in working with a managed IT services provider.


Flat-Rate IT Services

Non-profit organizations already work on tight budgets and truly have limited resources for dealing with technology problems, but the flat-rate model managed IT service providers employ today can help save non-profits money by setting a predictable set monthly fee.

The peace of mind that comes along with knowing exactly what your invoice will look like each month and being able to enjoy maximum uptime with your computer network is worth its weight in gold alone. One, consistent flat rate also makes budgeting for other items that help the organization run more effectively easier.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Data loss is inevitable but non-profits have an even smaller margin for error when it comes to keeping data and other critical information secure than most businesses do. Having a viable business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place for when disaster does strike, whether in the form of human error or natural disaster, means being able to recover from that event more quickly and with as little negative consequences as possible.


Proactive Monitoring and Support

Managed IT Service providers such as Matthijssen are able to provide non-profits additional peace of mind with 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and support. What this means for non-profit organizations is having the ability to count on its technology working when it’s supposed to and how it’s supposed to.

If an issue ever were to occur, a managed IT service provider would resolve it before it became an even larger one and ensuring your organization experiences as little downtime as possible – if any at all.