5 Tips to Better Business Management Technology For Remote Workforce



5 Steps to Better Business Management Technology For Your Remote Workforce

Even in ordinary times, overseeing a remote workforce can be a challenge for multiple reasons – ensuring availability of all necessary tools, managing remote endpoints and having a fail-safe contingency plan.

However, the current global health crisis has made things that much more complicated. In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has drastically changed life as we know it, forcing us to change the way we live and work. Your business is no exception to this change as you transition to survive with a primarily (or fully) remote workforce.

However, the right technology, when used correctly, can ensure the transition is smooth and your business continues to operate efficiently without interruption. To help you do that, here is a list of tips to follow.

  1.  Install Secure VPN Connections

  2. Prepare to Use Video Conferencing Intensively

  3.  Ensure Effective Cloud-Based Document Management Systems are in Place

  4. Devise a Remote Communications Plan

  5. Explore Remote IT Support Options




Step 1: Install Secure VPN Connections

It goes without saying that while working remotely, your employees will access your business applications from different home networks. To avoid an unsavory security incident, as well as Zoom bombings, you need to install a business VPN that will secure the connections with encryption. Additionally, having your employees test it in advance from their respective locations would avoid a ton of hassle.

Step 2: Prepare to Use Video Conferencing Intensively

Although nothing can replace in-person meetings, video conferencing is certainly the best alternative, especially now. It not only helps your employees stay connected with each other, but also helps you conduct business with your clients. This is a good time to sign up for a reliable conferencing platform and to ensure your team has all the necessary gadgets (headsets/cams) or any other tools they would need.


Step 3: Ensure Effective Cloud-Based Document Management Systems are in Place

Working offsite shouldn’t be a challenge for your business if you already use cloud applications. However, if you do not, it is high time you consider it. Having a dependable document management system in place is an integral component of a successful virtual office. Our Document management system will allow organizations to securely store, organize, and retrieve documents at any time from any location.


Step 4: Devise a Remote Communications Plan

Employees working in silos isn’t something you want to be dealing with in these testing times. It’s time to huddle up and chalk out a thorough remote communications plan. Cloud-based solutions of VoIP completely revamp the way your business functions. Employees can stay connected with scheduled conferencing, paging and intercom, voicemail to emails, and other features, remotely.  The cloud-based feature ensures a low amount of service downtime and very few disruptions, so you’ll never fall into disconnect with your clients again, even from your homes. 


Step 5: Explore Remote IT Support Options

With your IT infrastructure spread out like never before, remote IT support could save you from the hassle of managing endpoints while also ensuring no healthcare and government guidelines are flouted. Using an encrypted remote connection and appropriate authentication, our technicians can access a device and resolve issues while you get to keep a close eye on it. While the technician is at it, he or she can also discuss the problem and the solution, eliminating any communication gaps. The list of issues that can be addressed by remote IT support include software-related issues and queries, software updates, temporary files cleanup, startup optimization, virus scan and cleanup, and slow computers.


As you steer your business through this hopefully temporary storm, you can be sure that we will support you with all the necessary resources and enablement we can muster. Here’s to your business pushing through this phase with minimal worries or damage!