What Can a Network Security Audit Reveal About Your Company?

With companies dropping like flies from cyber attacks all over the world, it’s no wonder that security has become an even greater issue over the years. The question to any business becomes “How can I become more resilient to attacks?” A network security audit is a great way of revealing weaknesses in your environment that are susceptible to threats.

Running Services

All networks have services that run to perform various duties for the company from migrating and cleaning up data to sending out billing to all clients once a month. However, there are many services that are not integral to business goals. An audit can reveal all the services currently running for inventory sake but allows you to shut off ones that are unnecessary. This can simplify your environment as well as free up resources.


Every business has this difficulty. Employees create weak passwords for their line of business applications, user accounts, database credentials, etc. Not only that, but password policies on forcing password changing and other requirements can dramatically reduce one of the most vulnerable aspects of a network. An audit easily spots these weaknesses.

Unapproved Devices

Employees are the most vulnerable part of a network. The creators of weak passwords, they also tend to bring unapproved devices like smart phones and tablets to work to make their time easier/more enjoyable. While not intrinsically a fault, when these devices get attached to a computer or the network, they can have unintended consequences. A network security audit will allow you to detect these devices and allow you to create stronger business guidelines on this front.

Security threats evolve over time, and so businesses must evolve as quickly. Businesses may not know what direction to go in, but a network security audit can provide valuable feedback on how to advance. If you have more questions or would like to schedule an audit, send us a message! We’d love to chat about your network and security needs.