5 Ways To Boost Staff Efficiency

5 Ways To Boost Staff Efficiency

Technology gives businesses the tools and ability to collaborate more efficiently, work remotely, and manage their time more effectively. With the rising popularity of remote work, you shouldn't let your equipment stand in the way of your employees. Developing a customized set of technological solutions is the key to optimizing your team’s efficiency, no matter where they log on for the day.  

Here are Matthijssen’s top 5 suggestions to consider: 

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Improve & automate workflow with Cloud Hosting

Migrating to the cloud is quick, easy, and makes endpoints more accessible, allowing your team to adapt to remote work quickly and effectively. And, unlike the traditional dedicated server model, cloud hosting services are scalable, flexible and reliable. Traditional hosting services offer limited bandwidth. Cloud hosting scales to accommodate traffic spikes or seasonal demands.


Implement Document Management Systems

Streamline your practice and reach new levels of productivity with Document Management Solutions. Document Management Solutions can correctly validate, process, and move documents along to the right person. Storing files digitally saves on physical storage space, and increases internal accessibility. Not to mention digitally managing important documents and files allows for flexible working locations to easily transition to and from remote work.


Change the Way You Print

Not ready to go paperless? Customize your office’s printers to better suit your team’s needs. Stop letting crashes, jams, or malfunctions put a dent in a business’s entire workflow. Our proactive maintenance and dedicated employee training will maximize your productivity. .With us, you’ll receive more than upgraded office machinery – you’ll be equipped with an entire team of service providers.


Improve Your Communications

Has your call ever been disconnected while assisting a client? Have you experienced a lag in your workday due to inconsistent communication? With a business on your hands, the last thing you want is an unreliable phone systems interfering with client support. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides a custom communication solution completely tailored to your specific needs. VoIP is a technology that makes phones calls through a broadband Internet connection instead of a typical phone line. Integrating VoIP also means you won’t have to deal with obsolete equipment while gaining tons of management features to customize your experience. The cloud-based feature ensures a low amount of service downtime and very few disruptions. VoIP will increase flexibility by allowing employees to connect anywhere with an internet connection, and make and receive phone calls on multiple devices. 


Find a Reliable IT Solution

Stop letting technical malfunctions disrupt your workday. Find an IT solution before the problems arise. All of our IT solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business. Allow our team of technicians to seamlessly run updates, minimize spam, and provide a quick and friendly help desk so you and your employees don’t need to worry. Between our continuous monitoring and constant support, all you will need to focus on is your work. 


It's time to start developing a workflow that boosts staff efficiency. Allow our team of experts to customize the right experience for you and your team in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. Contact our team at Matthijssen for a consultation.